Timbered House Inspection
What is the condition of the half-timbered house?
So that the roof doesn’t fall on your head

Assessment of the stability and load-bearing capacity of the truss

Half-timbered houses must be checked professionally to identify weak points and security risks. Most of the damage is inside the built-in construction wood and is not visible from the outside. In order to detect possible internal damage and rotten areas at an early stage, measurements inside the wood are therefore essential. This is the only way to eliminate weak points in good time and ensure the safety of a half-timbered house.

Drilling resistance measuring devices enable the interior of the wood to be assessed

Measurement methods such as drilling resistance measurement provide information about the internal condition of a piece of wood. This allows cavities and rotten spots to be reliably identified. With drilling resistance measuring devices such as the IML-RESI PowerDrill and the IML-RESI F series, it is therefore possible to properly assess the stability and load-bearing capacity of half-timbered houses.

Ideally suited for the assessment of half-timbered houses

Hard oak wood is usually used in old half-timbered houses. Therefore, the IML PowerDrill is very well suited for their assessment. Because it can optionally record the feed force in addition to the drilling resistance. The feed force is the force required to push the needle into the wood. In contrast to the drilling resistance, the shaft friction only has a very small influence on the feed force, which is why the feed curve allows more precise statements to be made about a wood defect, especially with hard wood. In addition to the PowerDrill, the S version of the IML-RESI F series, for example, is also suitable for appraising half-timbered houses. This version has a particularly stable needle support for drilling in hard wood.

Low weight and good handling for fatigue-free work

Particularly in half-timbered houses, measurements are frequently required overhead or in hard-to-reach places. To ensure long working hours without fatigue, we that our drilling resistance meters are as light as possible. Depending on the version, the weight is about 5 to 7 kilograms. In addition, our drilling resistance are ergonomically designed. The scope of delivery of the IML PowerDrill® also includes an additional handle, which facilitates handling in certain situations. A carrying strap is included as standard with the F-Series, and can also be ordered as an option to match the IML PowerDrill®.

Almost harmless control of half-timbered houses

In order to avoid damage to half-timbered houses despite the necessary drilling, the drilling needles of our devices are particularly thin. In addition, the drill needle is designed in such a way that the resulting wood chips remain in the drill hole and automaticallv close it after drilling. This keeps the wooden structure stable.

Battery life and spare battery

The battery of the IML PowerDrill is sufficient for around 200 measurements. Approximately 50 measurements can be carried out with one battery charge of the IML-RESI F series. A second battery is also included in the standard scope of both series, so that the device is always ready for use. This means there are no unnecessary waiting times, although the battery is fully charged with the quick charger in about half an hour.

Analyze measurement results and compare them with previous values

With the IML PowerDrill, measurement results can be saved and transferred to a computer. This not only enables a more detailed analysis, but also a direct comparison of previous and current measurements of the same half-timbered house. In order to be able to compare the results directly on site, saved and new measurement data can be called up on the PowerDrill display. The devices of the IML-RESI F series can be expanded with an additional electronics unit. This also allows users to record measurements and transfer them to a computer.

In order to be able to interpret the measurement results professionally and safely, we offer specially tailored seminars for assessing half-timbered houses using drilling resistance measurements.

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Yes, you can take the information from PD/F Tools or WoodInspector and utilize it in your GIS or other related software.

The wood inspection drill measures the force of the needle turning through the wood product. For example, when the bit hits any soft decay the force on the graph will drop and if the needle hits a hard, brittle decay the graph will spike. If the bit runs through a cavity area the graph will drop measuring no resistance for the bit. The measurements are then collected on either a wax paper strip (F-Series) or electronically recorded for an instant upload (PD-Series).

With the F-Series drill the measurements are recorded on a wax paper strip. Typically users scan the wax paper strip into their report reinforcing their assessment of the wood. The PD-Series drill records the measurements automatically in digital form and can instantly upload these results to your computer via Bluetooth or USB cable. Software is available for your computer to analyze and organize your collected results.

Our wood inspection systems
for the timbered house inspection

  • IML-RESI MD300
    IML-RESI MD300

    The IML-RESI MD300 is a driling instrument working purely mechanically that does not record a measurement curve, neither electronically nor mechanically. The user feels the result and can read the penetration depth on the 300 mm scale. Often an abrupt and fast penetration is perceptible when the instrument detects a rot zone. Even the annual rings of conifers can be noticed.

  • IML-RESI F-Series
    IML-RESI F-Series

    The IML-RESI F series is driven by an usual drill and is very easy to handle The instrument is cordless and therefore ideal for difficult operating conditions. The measurement profile is recorded simultaneously to the drilling depth on wax paper strip.

  • IML-RESI PowerDrill ®
    IML-RESI PowerDrill ®

    The IML PowerDrill® is equipped with an electronic unit that gives clear support in taking, documenting and evaluating measurements. It can be used wherever reliable and meaningful measurements are required.


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