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26.09.2018 - 27.09.2018
Expo for Public Space 2018

On 26th and 27th September the “Expo for public Space 2018” will take place from ...

12.09.2018 - 15.09.2018
GaLaBau 2018

Die GaLaBau ist die einzige Fachmesse, die die gesamte Bandbreite von der Pflanze zur Maschine ...

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IML & PD Instrumentos Team Up to Provide First Rate Service for South America

South America is a guest in Wiesloch Members from PD-Instrumentos, a company from Jarinu in ...

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Annual Ring Analysis

Identifying the growth characteristics of trees Annual Ring Analysis The growth behavior of trees provides ...

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Bending and Compression Strength Measurement

Evaluating objectively the strength of wood Bending and compression strength measurement Just to make sure: ...

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Sound Velocity Measurement

Modern technology, easy handling Sound Velocity Measurement The IML Micro Hammer measures the time it ...

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