Pole testing
How stable is the wooden pole?
Just know what you can’t see

As only faultless poles comply with the high security requirements timber poles must be examined regularly for stability.

The problem:

Often, possible defects are located in the interior of the poles and can’t be identified from the outside. About 90% of all the timber pole defects or damages are located below the soil level and it’s necessary to carry out complex investigations or excavations to detect them.

Timber/ wood testing system “IML-RESI PowerDrill”

With the IML-RESI you can drill in every height of the pole, from the soil level to the top end of the pole. It takes you less than a minute including the measurement profile printout.

In Germany and all over the world the IML-RESI System has been used for years to inspect utility poles.

The attachable 45° adapter enables you to examine the critical area where the wooden pole enters the soil without problems. The excavation around the pole becomes redundant and you can save precious time. You can make the measurements directly on the soil level and evaluate them instantly.

The IML-RESI System helps you:

  • Detect and secure damaged wooden parts even in early stages of deterioration
  • Detect root in various stages
  • Detect cracks and cavities
  • Take the required measures early enough to prevent damages (thanks to the detailed evaluations)
  • Document quality differences between wooden beams

Economic advantages:

  • Profitability because of little work with high efficiency
  • Time saving because on fast measurements
  • Optimized employment of stuff
  • Cost saving less exchange work and little raw material
  • Prevention of unnecessary wood damages: the sawdust remains in the bore hole and closes it after measurement

Häufige Fragen zu Pole Inspection

Many customers use the drill for pole inspections by conducting three drillings on the pole. First to determine the diameter for the WoodInspector software, second drilling into the base of the pole at an angle of about 30 degrees and then another drilling perpendicular to this at the base of the pole. This way the inspections are calculating the data below ground where there is a higher chance of decay. The WoodInspector software provides instant results of the drilling by determining if the pole is a pass, marginal or fail.

With the WoodInspector- software you will get a direct condition assessment of the wooden pole right after performing the measurements. Here, individually specified rot and cavity limit values of the timber branch to be inspected are included as criteria for the evaluation. To view more details visit the WoodInspector page.

Yes, you can take the information from PD/F Tools or WoodInspector and utilize it in your GIS or other related software.

The wood inspection drill measures the force of the needle turning through the wood product. For example, when the bit hits any soft decay the force on the graph will drop and if the needle hits a hard, brittle decay the graph will spike. If the bit runs through a cavity area the graph will drop measuring no resistance for the bit. The measurements are then collected on either a wax paper strip (F-Series) or electronically recorded for an instant upload (PD-Series).

With the F-Series drill the measurements are recorded on a wax paper strip. Typically users scan the wax paper strip into their report reinforcing their assessment of the wood. The PD-Series drill records the measurements automatically in digital form and can instantly upload these results to your computer via Bluetooth or USB cable. Software is available for your computer to analyze and organize your collected results.

Our wood testing system
for pole testing

  • IML-RESI F-Series
    IML-RESI F-Series

    The IML-RESI F series is driven by an usual drill and is very easy to handle The instrument is cordless and therefore ideal for difficult operating conditions. The measurement profile is recorded simultaneously to the drilling depth on wax paper strip.

  • IML-RESI PowerDrill ®
    IML-RESI PowerDrill ®

    The IML PowerDrill® is equipped with an electronic unit that gives clear support in taking, documenting and evaluating measurements. It can be used wherever reliable and meaningful measurements are required.


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