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    Annual service inspection

    In order to guarantee the measuring accuracy of IML products, regular maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments should be carried out by our qualified service team. The inspection of measuring instruments should be carried out at yearly intervals.

    An inspection includes:

    • Detailed function- and safety check of every single component
    • Precise cleaning and greasing of mechanical parts
    • Different test-drillings
    • Required calibration for measuring instruments according to DIN EN ISO 9001

    Repair & spare parts

    If your instrument needs exceptional repairs, we’ll inform you immediately and make the correspondent estimates of costs. Repair will be made only after prior approval and consultation.


    When you return your measurement instruments for service inspections we’ll only need the instrument itself without expendable materials (drilling needles, wax paper strip), manuals, accumulator or battery chargers!

    To prevent queries & to grant an execution on schedule

    Please attach the filled service from every time you send in your measurement instruments for occurring services and / or repairs. Only in this way we are able to grant you a fast and smooth execution.

    Special prices for service
    Order expendable materials at special rates! The special price are only valid together with a service or a repair order!


    Frequently asked questions about Service Inspection

    Our service team can get a drill in and out of our office within two-days-time as long as there are no pending questions for the customer. If you need your drill returned at a quick rate please note this on your service request form.


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      Transport EASY –Complete collection and delivery service including transport insurance. You will receive a prepared package from us (box, packaging material & shipping instructions). You pack your device according to the packing instructions and tell UPS by phone when your device should be picked up. After the service has been completed, your device will be sent back to you. *This offer is only valid for transports within Germany.

      Secure the 10% service discount now. The following spare parts are available in connection with the service at a special price:

      • Standard Drilling Needles 'Click'

        Original price was: 164,00 €.Current price is: 132,84 €.

        With special and improved surface coating (10 pieces per pack)

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      • Premium Batteries

        Original price was: 125,00 €.Current price is: 101,25 €.
        SKU: 30009999
      • Standard Drilling Needles F-Serie

        Original price was: 132,00 €.Current price is: 106,92 €.

        With special and improved surface coating (10 pieces per pack).

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        SKU: 3100316
      • Wax Paper Strips (cm)

        Original price was: 175,00 €.Current price is: 141,75 €.

        Wax paper strips with cm-scale (400 pieces per pack).

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        SKU: 3100115, 3100315, 3100415, 3100515
      • Standard Drilling Needles MD-Serie

        Original price was: 143,00 €.Current price is: 115,83 €.

        With special and improved surface coating (10 pieces per pack).

        SKU: 3100317

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