Seminars with Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck

The VTA beginners’ seminar is recommended for anyone who wants to gain a general understanding of the body language of trees

Seminar Content

420,00 € per participant plus VAT. | Duration: approx. 7 hours incl. breaks

  • Formula-free folk mechanics for tree professionals
  • Symptoms as warning signs and associated defects
  • Failure criteria: hollow tree, slender tree, leaning tree
  • Cracks in the trunk and tree breakage
  • Cross grain breaks
  • The language of bark and broken branches
  • Root damage and windthrow
  • Climate-resistant tree?
  • Practice the tree diagnosis on a sequence of images with selected tree examples
  • Wood rot and fungal fruit bodies
  • Devices for diagnosing decay

Seminar Content

420,00 € per participant plus VAT. | Duration: approx. 7 hours incl. breaks

  • Thinking tools based on nature – without formulas!
  • The self-optimization of trees
    • Growth regulators as tree sculptors
    • Outer shape optimization and self-healing
    • Inner timber optimization and the competing failure modes (transverse tension, shear and longitudinal pressure compared to non-fiber composites)
    • Growth tensions and failure from too much (explosion) or too little internal stress (summer breaks of branch and trunk)
  • Repair attachments as warning signals
    • The growth strip as a gentle warning to the trees or as a line of force flow
    • Crack and rib, crack causes and risk assessment, (shear bomb, separation, thrust crack, hazard beam, banana crack, twist crack, ovalization crack, transverse fiber tear on vertebrae, branches and grafts)
    • Swellings due to rot, buckling, burl and tree cancer
    • Lightning gutter and collision damage
  • The face of the bark
    • increasingly crooked trees
    • falling branches
    • loose bark
    • what the Chinese beard tells…
  • The biomechanics of the root
    • Cones of power under the tree: taproot and heartroot
    • Anchoring mechanics and root rot
    • Surrounding trees, floor and wall cracks
  • Climate-resistant tree?
  • Failure criteria and their verifications
    • Cavity, slenderness, reduction in cross section, bark appearance
  • Fluid mechanics, crown shape and pruning

The VTA Advanced Seminar is recommended for all professionals who want to deepen and expand their existing knowledge, as well as all participants of the VTA Basics Seminar.

Seminar content

420,00 € per participant plus VAT. | Duration: approx. 7 hours incl. breaks

  • Practice symptom recognition
  • Variations in symptoms depending on the tree species
  • Defect confirmation
  • Discuss suitable pruning
  • Analysis of damage to failed trees in the event of breakage and throwing
  • Assess the predictability of accidents
  • Usage of equipment and risk of misdiagnosis if the procedure is incorrect
  • Body language of the mushroom bodies
  • The mushroom as a witness in court
  • Special features of natural monuments
  • Tree oddities and their body language

You can expect examples, examples and examples that should help you to accurately assess your trees, to leave safe trees with a clear conscience and to defuse dangerous trees with good justification

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