The IML group is growing – argus electronic becomes IML Electronic

The IML group is growing – argus electronic becomes IML Electronic

The IML group is growing – argus electronic becomes IML Electronic

As a manufacturer of wood and tree inspection equipment, IML and argus have already collaborated in the past. We decided that IML will run the business operations of argus electronic GmbH starting January 2022. For you as a customer, there won´t be any drastic changes. The Products, points of contact and company headquarters will remain the same and you will still be able to access the entire range of argus products.

The same contact persons and the company headquarters in Rostock

The company headquarters of argus in Rostock will remain together with all employees. argus electronic GmbH will be continued as the IML branch “IML Electronic GmbH”. The focus will remain on the known products including software development and cloud applications. If you have any questions about the products, you can always contact the support team or your known point of contact.

Soon the PiCUS products are coming from IML Electronic

The PiCUS products offer a wide range of measurement techniques used to detect tree defects and assess the tree condition. These tree diagnostic devices use different tomography techniques to graphically display the inside of the tree, provide measurement data for determining stability and fracture resistance in tensile tests, or measure reactions of the tree in natural wind. PiCUS devices and IML wood testing systems thus complement each other perfectly to perform a detailed tree inspection. We are pleased to offer the PiCUS devices as products of IML Electronic in the future.

The services and other divisions will also be continued

In addition to tree diagnostic equipment, argus also offers various services and products in the fields of atmospheric measurement technology, agricultural metering technology and special developments. Of course, IML Electronic will offer you these products in the future as well. The entire product range will be taken over by IML, due to the quality and benefits of these products.

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Author of the article:
Fabian Hunger

Fabian Hunger has been helping to shape the future of IML since 2012. As the person responsible for marketing & sales, the management of IML Germany and head of the IML branch in the USA, he ensures our high quality standards both nationally and internationally. Since 2022 he has also been the managing director of IML Electronic GmbH in Rostock. He keeps an overview of all processes and procedures of the various IML divisions and ensures that everything runs smoothly at all times.


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