Engineering office Nieke about the IML PowerDrill® for the inspection of timber constructions and timber buildings

Engineering office Nieke about the IML PowerDrill® for the inspection of timber constructions and timber buildings

Since 2014 we have been using the IML-RESI PowerDrill® to measure drilling resistance in order to assess the condition and safety of wooden buildings and wooden constructions in houses. This enables us to directly read and record both the drilling resistance and the feed curve during the measurement. With the help of the IML-RESI PowerDrills® we were able to improve our evaluation and simplify our work in many points.

Reliable evaluation through exact analysis of the measurement results

Green = intact remaining wall
Red in different tones = reduced strength of decomposed wood or no longer present

The evaluation of the measuring curve automatically generated by the IML-RESI PowerDrill® is a fast and helpful first information about the condition of the wooden construction. Nevertheless, we analyze and interpret the measurement results again independently. Finally, we must take into account, among other things, the type of wooden construction and the local conditions. For our own analysis on site we use the display. We can also compare the current result with previous measurements, which can be stored as required. For an exact analysis, we transfer the data to a computer so that it can be viewed again at a later date. Due to our experience of several years with this drilling resistance measuring instrument, we can even recognize with the help of the measuring curve, which kind of wood defect is given.

Adjustable feed speed useful when checking constructions with different types of wood

It is also important to us that the feed speed can be adjusted manually because during our assessments we come across the most diverse types of wood. This includes, for example, the inspection of bridge structures made of oak, ground timbers or bell housings. We adjust the needle feed of the IML-RESI PowerDrill® very slowly in order not to damage the drilling needle and to achieve an exact result.

IML-RESI PowerDrill® suitable for places with difficult access

Especially in houses, statically important points such as connection points of the wooden construction are suitable measuring points for inspection. We also measure at points that have contact with the outside wall or directly with moisture. If damage is already visible to the bare eye, we also measure there. The areas to be measured are not always the same in wooden constructions and can be situated poorly. Therefore, a drilling resistance measuring device must also be usable for places that are difficult to reach, as it is possible with the IML-RESI PowerDrill®. This is not only due to the appropriate design but also to the overall low weight.

Low energy consumption enables many measurements per battery charge

We also appreciate the low energy consumption and the resulting relatively long battery life as well as the directly supplied replacement battery. This allows us to work undisturbed, even with complicated wooden constructions and many measurements. Furthermore, it takes only half an hour to charge a battery.

Our conclusion

With the drilling resistance and the technique for feed force measurement of the IML-RESI PowerDrill® our analysis has become even more significant. In addition, the device is well suited for our purposes when inspecting wooden constructions in often difficult positions, so that we are very satisfied with the purchase.

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    IML-RESI PowerDrill ®

    The IML PowerDrill® is equipped with an electronic unit that gives clear support in taking, documenting and evaluating measurements. It can be used wherever reliable and meaningful measurements are required.