Tiny helping tools for timber pole and tree inspection: the new IML measuring gauge

Wooden poles are often used as electricity poles or telegraph poles. Specialists have to inspect them regularly to detect defects and safety risks in time. In addition to our IML-RESI timber inspection systems for detecting defects even below ground level, we have now developed a small helper in the form of our “Mini” measuring gauge, which can provide additional support for timber pole inspection in the simplest possible way. To complement the tree inspection, the new “Maxi” measuring gauge is ideally suited.

What the new IML tools are capable of

The IML measuring gauge “Mini” is perfectly designed for the wood pole inspection. You can use our new tool to measure the diameter and the circumference of the wooden pole as well as the depth of cracks in the wood. An angle indicator, which is also integrated, also allows you to identify the direction of the line tension at the pole head. The “Mini” measuring gauge is suitable for diameters up to 50 cm and for depths up to 11 cm.

We have designed the significantly larger “Maxi” measuring gauge especially for the measurement of trees. Therefore, it has a larger measuring range, but no circumference and angle display. You can use the “Maxi” measuring gauge for diameters of up to 65 cm and depths of up to 20.5 cm.

The advantages of the IML measuring gauges at a glance

We have designed our measuring gauge “Mini” in such a way that you can measure four different parameters with only one instrument during the wooden pole inspection:

  • Diameter of the wooden pole (up to 50 cm)
  • Circumference of the wooden pole
  • Depth (up to 11 cm)
  • Direction of the line tension

The “Maxi” measuring gauge is especially useful as an additional tool for tree inspections. It is characterized by the following features:

  • Diameter measurement up to 65 cm
  • – Depth measurement up to 20.5 cm

If you have any questions about the new IML measuring gauges, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

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