IML Downloads

On this page you will find user manuals, software installation instructions and firmware updates. The corresponding download links for software updates can be found in the PDF instructions.

Software Manuals

Software Installation

PDF instructions and software downloads for PD tools; PD-Tools Pro, F-Tools, F-Tools Pro, M-Tools Light, E-Tools, E-Tools Pro, B-Tools Pro, T-Tools Light, T-Tools Pro and P-Tools Pro.

Firmware Update

PDF instructions for upcoming firmware updates. Instructions are included for the following devices: IML-RESI PD series, F series generation 2 and Micro Hammer.

IML Service App

PDF instructions for commissioning the IML Service App.


Bluetooth driver guide.


USB driver guide.


Full PDF Guide to IML-RESI PD Series.

Short manual

Short PDF instructions for the IML-RESI PD series.

Bluetooth printer Installation

PDF Bluetooth Printer Installation Guide for IML-RESI PD Series

Maintenance manual

PDF instructions for various maintenance of the IML-RESI PD series. Included are instructions for changing the telescope and drill chuck, replacing the measuring sleeve and cleaning the front adapter.

WoodInspector Manual

Manual for the software woodinspector

Manual IML-RESI F-Series

Complete PDF instructions for the IML-RESI F-Series.

Short Manual IML-RESI MD300

Short PDF instructions for the IML-RESI MD series.

Manual Micro Hammer

PDF instructions for the Micro Hammer.

Instruction Manual Micro Hammer with multiple sensors

PDF quick guide to the Micro Hammer with multiple sensors.

Manual IML Fractometer 1

Full PDF Guide to IML Fractometer 1

Manual IML Fractometer 2

Full PDF Guide to IML Fractometer 2

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