Pauli explains the form in nature


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Author :Claus Mattheck ISBN: 978-3-923704‎-93-4 EAN: 9783923704‎934

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    The enlightened view and a new understanding of design rules in nature!
    That is what the reader should benefit ‎from this handy book- a great promise!
    The book is written in an English easy to read. It will give you a descriptive mechanical understanding free of mathematics. No formulae!
    Universal forms in nature are shown in solids and fluids, in living and dead structures, in geomechanics and in broken structures.
    Did you know that your eyes have a shape similar to a pebble in a creek, to a May bug or to a hole in a pulled rubber band? Unity in diversity! Descriptive mechanics! You will read in cracks, in mountains and fluids.‎
    You will learn that structures improve their shape by deformation under load.
    And you will learn to use three thinking tools which enable us to design components according to nature. You will go through a just opened door into the world of whirls wether in fluids or even solids.
    Folk mechanics for everybody willing to learn independent of pre – education!
    Warning: After reading this book nothing will ever be the same again. The enlightened view cannot be switched off! But you will learn to live with it. Happily!


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