How is the condition of the timbered house?

To prevent the roof from falling on your head

Timber frame house inspection

Assessment of the stability and carrying capacity of framework

To identify weak points and security risks, timbered houses must be professionally inspected. In most cases, the damage is located inside the used timber and is not visible from the outside. In order to detect possible internal damage and rotten spots at an early stage, measurements inside the wood are essential. This is the only way to eliminate weak points in time to guarantee the safety of a timbered house.

Drilling resistance measuring instruments enable the assessment of the wood interior Measuring methods such as the drilling resistance measurement provide information about the internal condition of the wood. This allows hollow spaces and rotten spots to be reliably detected. With drilling resistance measuring instruments such as the IML-RESI PowerDrill and the IML-RESI F-Series it is possible to properly assess the stability and carrying capacity of timbered houses.

Perfectly qualified for the inspection of timbered houses

Old timbered houses are usually built with hard oak wood. Therefore the IML PowerDrill is very well suited for their inspection. It can optionally record the feed force in addition to the drilling resistance. The feed force is the force required to push the needle into the wood. In contrast to the drilling resistance, the friction of the shaft has only a very small influence on the feed force, which is why the feed curve allows more precise statements to be made about a wood defect, especially with hard wood. In addition to the PowerDrill, the S-version of the IML-RESI F series, for example, is also suitable for the inspection of timbered houses. This version has a particularly stable needle support for drilling into hard wood.

Low weight and easy to handle for fatigue-free work

Especially in timbered houses, measurements are more often needed over the head or in places that are difficult to reach. In order to ensure long working periods without fatigue, we make sure that the weight of our drilling resistance meters is kept as low as possible. Depending on the version, the weight is about 5 to 7 kilogrammes. Furthermore, our drilling resistance measuring instruments are ergonomically designed. The IML PowerDrills are also supplied with an additional handle to simplify handling in certain situations. A carrying strap is included as standard with the F series and can also be ordered optionally for the IML PowerDrill. The low weight of the F-Series devices also reduces the risk of distortion of the measurement result due to strong shaking.

Nearly damage-free inspection of timbered houses

In order to prevent damage to timbered houses even though drilling is necessary, the drilling needles of our devices are particularly thin. In addition, the drilling needle is designed in such a way that the wood particles remain in the drill hole and close it automatically after drilling. In this way the wooden construction remains stable.

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Battery life and replacement battery

The battery of the IML PowerDrills is capable of approximately 200 measurements. With one battery charge of the IML-RESI F series about 50 measurements can be done. In addition, both series include a second battery as standard, so that the device is always ready for use. This way, there are no unnecessary waiting times, even though the battery is fully charged within about half an hour using the quick charger.

Analyse measurement results and compare them with previous results

With IML PowerDrill, measurement results can be saved and transferred to a computer. This allows not only a more detailed analysis, but also a direct comparison of previous and current measurements of the same half-timbered house. In order to be able to compare the results directly on site, stored and new measurement data can be viewed on the display of the PowerDrill. The devices of the IML-RESI F series can be extended by an additional electronic unit. With this unit, users can also record measurements and transfer them to a computer. In order to be able to evaluate the measurement results professionally and reliably, we offer especially customized seminars for the assessment of half-timbered houses by using drilling resistance measurements.

Our wood testing systems support you in the inspection of half-timbered houses: