How healthy is the tree?

How healthy is the tree?

Tree Care & Tree Inspection

Recognize warning signals early enough

How healthy is the tree?

In the context of tree care and tree inspection our instruments help to detect inner defects at an early stage and to grant the traffic security. That way you can take steps to avoid personal and material damages in parks, alleys and forests.

The VTA method (Visual Tree Assessment) helps to detect defects by outward manifestations of the tree and therefore it ensures the correct application of our instruments. By means of this method (visual assessment) arborists, tree inspectors and experts are able to identify in time dangers due to immanent tree failure. That way they can take the right measures early enough to prevent damages to persons or property.

In this fields our innovative wood testing systems will assist you:

  • IML-RESI Systeme
    (Drilling resistance measurement)
    Accurate identification of defects and measurement of the thickness of the residual wall
  • IML Micro Hammer
    (Sound speed measurement)
    Easy and fast verification of defects yet in early stages of damage
  • Fractometer
    (Bending & compression strength measurement)
    Evaluation of stability and strength of wood using a wooden core extracted with the increment borer
  • IML-Messtisch
    (Analysis of annual rings)
    Analysis of wooden cores of trees and information about the structure of the annual rings, growth and wood decay

The measurement methods of our test instruments are scientifically proven. Scientists and specialists recommend them as objective and reliable examination methods.

Using our instruments you can:

  • Detect rot in various stages
  • Recognize compressed separation zones
  • Locate ring shakes, cracks and cavities
  • Analyse the growth of annual rings
  • Detect wood decay
  • Evaluate the wood quality

Taking the right measures in time will help to preserve precious tree populations.

Application fields:

  • Care and inspection of trees along streets, in parks and forests
  • Tree inspection in the context of traffic safety
  • Evaluation of damages on forest trees
  • Research and development
  • Inspection of construction wood:
    – Utility pole testing
    – Playground inspection
    – Termite control
    – House inspection
    – Bridge inspection
    – Inspection of buildings

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