The city of Heidelberg about IML tree markers and suitable hammering tools

The city of Heidelberg about IML tree markers and suitable hammering tools

For some time now we have been using IML’s tree marks to mark our trees in Heidelberg. The tree marks are made of aluminium and have an anodised coating. So far we have not had any problems with marks that have become unusable. We also appreciate the possibility to receive the marks in different colours and to have them marked clearly and on both sides by laser technology directly from IML according to our wishes.

Matching aluminium nails for the attachment of tree marks

IML also has suitable nails for fixing the tree marks in its assortment. These are also made of weatherproof aluminium. If the tree has to be felled later and the saw chain hits the nail, the chain is not damaged as much by the soft aluminium as, for example, a steel nail.

Rubber mount gives the tree room to grow

Since we like to attach the stamps to younger trees, we find the option with the rubber ring on the nail as a placeholder very useful. This makes sure that the tree marker remains on the front of the nail head and does not touch the bark directly. This allows the tree to grow for some time until the trunk reaches the tree mark.

Hammering aid designed for nails and tree marks

We have never regretted the purchase of the additional hammering aid offered by IML. This makes it really easy to attach the tree tags to the tree. It is not even necessary to raise the steps. Because the long handle allows the easy attachment high up on the trunk. This also protects the markers from unwanted removal by unauthorized persons.

Hammering aid enables higher mounting with one strike

The front side of the hammering aid holds the nail in place so that it can be brought into the correct position together with the tree mark high up. This prevents the nail from slipping when the hammer is placed for hitting. After some practice it is even possible to hammer the nail into the tree with one stroke.

Hardened striking face to hit after

At the back of the hammering aid there is a hammering surface for hitting the nail if it is not yet properly seated after the first strike. Even though the hammering tool is designed for IML aluminium nails, we have already hammered steel nails with it. The hammering cap is hardened, so that the hammering tool is not damaged by the steel nails.

Our conclusion

We from the city of Heidelberg are glad to have tested the tree markers and the hammering aid. They make it easier for us to clearly mark our trees.

Uwe von Taschitzki | City of Heidelberg

  • IML- Tree Labels - 100 pcs incl. Laser Inscription
    IML- Tree Labels – 100 pcs incl. Laser Inscription

    IML- tree labels are anodised aluminium plates that are laser inscribed to your requirements and are easy to read. Eloxal coating ensures longer service and useful life for your benefit.

  • Hammering Aid for IML Tree Brands
    Hammering Aid for IML Tree Brands

    The tags are easy to attach to the tree with the IML insertion aid for tree tags. This is possible by locking the nails and markers with a click system on the driving aid. The long handle makes it possible to attach the tree tags high up on the trunk in one fell swoop.


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