3. IML PowerDrill Basics: Presets drill depth & activation of tilt compensation

With the drill resistance measuring device IML-RESI PowerDrill, you can set the desired drilling depth before measuring. The device then stops drilling upon achieving the desired drilling depth. You can determine the settings in the menu “Drilling Settings”. Additionally, you can also activate
the tilt compensation feature there.

How to set the desired drilling depth

To get to the menu “Drilling Settings”, press and hold down the red button while you are in the main menu. First, you must turn on the drilling preset feature by selecting the option “Status” with the navigation dial and then pressing the navigation dial for confirmation. Subsequently, navigate to the option “Depth” and press the navigation dial again. Now, turn the navigation dial until you reach the desired drilling depth. By pressing the navigation dial, you save your settings and return to the “Drilling depth” menu.

How to activate the tilt compensation feature

If you would like to turn on the tilt compensation feature, select the option “Tilt compensation” using the navigation dial in the “Drilling Settings” menu. Confirm your selection by pressing the navigation dial. Thereby, you have activated the tilt compensation feature. By selecting “ok”, you return to the main menu. There, the tilt angle of the device will be displayed.

The tilt compensation feature adjusts the drilling depth depending on drilling angle.

For example: You wish to test a utility pole measuring 20 cm in diameter and enter 20 cm as the drilling depth. If you drill into the pole at an angle of 30 degrees, the distance that must be drilled is greater than 20 cm. With the tilt compensation feature, the drilling depth is automatically adjusted based on the calculated longer distance.

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