Bending and Compression Strength Measurement

Bending and Compression Strength Measurement

Evaluating objectively the strength of wood


Bending and compression strength measurement

Just to make sure: With the Fractometer it is possible to determine the parameters of bending fracture strength and (depending on the version you use) additionally of compression strength of wood cores. Therefore you have to extract a wood core with an increment borer. The wooden cores are placed in the Fractometer and then loaded with bending and compression forces. The obtained objective values for the bending fracture moment, fracture angle and fracture energy provide the basis for statements about the bending fracture strength and the compression strength.

The corresponding Fractometer table makes possible a quick determination and comparison of the wood quality. This way, you can evaluate the stability and wood characteristics of a tree. The given values are only standard values. The tree must always be seen as a whole.

Application areas

  • Measurement of the fracture and compression strength of wood cores
  • Evaluation of decayed wood by determination stiffness and fractures strength
  • Detection of decay and lignin destruction

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