Information regarding battery disposal

Instructions regarding disposal of used batteries

The following information is addressed to people who use batteries, or products with internal batteries, and do not resell these in the form they are delivered (end user):

Free return of used batteries

Batteries should not be disposed with household waste. You are legally obliged to return used batteries so proper disposal can be guaranteed. You can hand over the used batteries to a communal place of collection or to a local retailer. As a distributor of batteries, we are also obliged to accept the return of old batteries, whereby our obligation to accept the return of old batteries is restricted to the type we supply or have supplied in our assortment of new batteries. You can send us used batteries of the aforementioned kind back for free either sufficiently stamped or directly to our warehouse at the following address:

IML Instrumenta Mechanik Labor System GmbH
Parkstraße 33
69168 Wiesloch

Meaning of the battery symbols

Batteries are marked with the symbol of a crossed out dustbin. This symbol indicates that batteries may not be disposed of with household waste. For batteries containing more than 0.0005 per cent of mercury, more than 0.002 percent cadmium or more than 0.004 percent lead, underneath the dustbin symbol is the chemical name of each of the used harmful substance – where “Cd” stands for cadmium, “Pb” stands for lead, “Hg” stands for mercury.