IML-Arcon Articulator S24


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The new developed IML-Articulators are made out of highstrength and light aluminium. Therefore, the Articulators perfectly fi t for daily use. The IML-Arcon Artikulacor S24 is fully adjustable with continously adjustable sideshift function.

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    The newly developed IML-Articulators are made out of high-strength and light aluminium. Therefore the Articulators perfectly fit for daily use. The IML-Mounting Articulator S24 is characterised by high robustness and by a wide view field for the ideal handling of the model in the Articulator.


    • ARCON construction
    • Adjustable Bennett-angle from 0° to 25° with an easy-to-read measuring scale
    • Condylar track inclination from -15° to +60° continously adjustable
    • Continously adjustable sideshift function
    • Protrusion adjustable from 0 mm – 6 mm
    • Retrusion adjustable from 0 mm – 2 mm
    • Distraction adjustable from 0 mm – 3 mm
    • Compatible with common casting systems
    • Individual laser inscription of the exchangeable coverplate
    • New! Construction heights of 116 / 118 / 121 or 126 mm

    Scope Of Delivery (Standard):

    • IML-Arcon Articulator S24
    • 45° stilt
    • Incisal pin with numeric scale adjustable from -5 to +10 mm
    • Incisal disc
    • Screwable pin for vertical support

    UDI-DI Number:

    4262374630351 Arcon Articulator S24 blue/grey 126 mm
    4262374630368 Arcon Articulator S24 red/grey 126 mm
    4262374630375 Arcon Articulator S24 gold/grey 121 mm
    4262374630382 Arcon Articulator S24 blue/grey 118 mm
    4262374630399 Arcon Articulator S24 red/grey 118 mm
    4262374630405 Arcon Articulator S24 blue/grey 116 mm
    4262374630412 Arcon Articulator S24 red/grey 116 mm



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